eTAP - The Advantages of Home Learning

Homeschooling and after school learning continue to grow in popularity, and you may be wondering why. After all, our communities already provide schools, with pre-planned courses and activities, where kids can be with others their own age. However, those are some of the same reasons you may choose to teach your parent yourself.

With homeschool, you get to focus on your child's needs, to give them personalized instruction. A student struggling with one subject can take all the time they need to master a topic, without worrying about what others are doing, or finishing it's time for the class. That same student may have their interest sparked by something they study in science or history, and you can easily arrange for them to dive as deep into that concept as they want to go. You can arrange field trips to places or events that best fit your child's interests and attention levels. The child can be encouraged to ask any many questions as they want, to get clarification, to gain more knowledge, or to explore their imagination.

There are no parent-teacher conferences, because YOU are the teacher, so you'll always know what your child is studying and how well they're learning it. Because the kids are learning at home, you get choose the schedule that works best, so schedule appointments with doctors or dentists is easier to arrange. And family trips don't have to wait for summer, since you decide when lessons and vacations are.

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