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  1. Numbers up to 100,000

    Unit Preview, Rounding Numbers, Find the Sum or Difference of Two Whole Numbers Between 0 and 10,000, Summary
  2. Multiplication (Part 1)

    Unit Preview, Repeated Addition, Arrays, and Counting, Properties of Multiplication, Multiplication Tables (2s, 5s, 10s), Multiplication Tables for Numbers Between 1 and 10, Summary
  3. Division (Part 1)

    Unit Preview, Dividing Multi-digit Numbers by One- or Two- Digit Numbers, Repeated Subtraction, The Special Properties of 0 and 1 in Multiplication and Division, Unit Cost, Summary
  4. Fractions (Part 1)

    Unit Preview, Recognizing Fractions, Recognize Fractions of a Whole and Parts of a Group, Fractional Parts, Compare Fractions Represented by Drawings, or Concrete Materials, Summary
  5. Word Problems

    Unit Preview, Problem Situations and Number Sentences (Grade 2), Simple Problems Involving Multiplication of Multi-digit Numbers by One Digit Numbers, Summary
  6. Geometry (Part 3)

    Unit Preview, Classify Plane & Solid Geometric Shapes, Finding Area, Summary
  7. Measuring (Part 2)

    Unit Preview, Converting Measurements within a System, Compare Length, Weight, Volume of Two or More Objects, Summary
  8. Elementary Statistics (Part 3)

    Unit Preview, Working with Data, Working with Data Part 2, What Happens in the Future?, Data, Tables, & Graphs, Showing the Results, Summary
  9. Personal Financial Literacy (Part 1)

    Human Labor and Income, Scarcity of Resources and Cost, Planned and Unplanned Spending, Decisions Involving Income, Saving and Spending
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