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Language Arts

1. Narrative Analysis Part 2

The Influence of the Historical Period , The Development of the American Literature , Summary

2. Writing Applications Part 5

Write Historical Investigation Reports , Deliver Multimedia Presentations , Summary

3. Research and Technology Part 4

Create Word Processed Documents , Summary

4. Writing Strategies: Organization and Focus Part 4

Reaching Rhetorical and Aesthetic Purposes , Structuring Ideas and Arguments , Natural, Fresh, and Vivid Language Usage

5. Speaking Applications Part 5

Appropriate Interviewing Techniques , Persuasive Arguments

6. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Organization of Oral Communication Part 4

Forms of Classical and Contemporary Logical Arguments , Summary

7. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Delivery of Oral Communication Part 4

Effective and Interesting Language , Research and Analyze Gestures, Movement, and Vocalization , When to Use Different Kinds of Effects

8. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Analysis and Evaluation of Oral and Media Communications Part 4

The Four Basic Types of Persuasive Speech , Techniques in Media Messages and their Effectiveness

9. Listening and Speaking: Comprehension Part 4

The Impact of the Media on the Democratic Process , How Visual Image Makers Present the Same Events

10. Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Level 3 Language Arts [STAAR Prep]

Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS Writing III , Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS Reading III