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Deliver Multimedia Presentations

You will probably be required to present a multimedia presentation, either for school, or for your job as you get older. This lesson will help you prepare to successfully deliver a multimedia presentation.

multimedia presentation is an oral report that includes visuals like charts, graphs, pictures, photos, newspaper clippings, or cartoons. It may also include sound clips like parts of speeches or songs. Each visual or sound clip illustrates or explains a point that you make as you speak. 

You may create a multimedia presentation using a software program. Microsoft PowerPoint is a multimedia presentation software. It allows you to make color slides, overhead projections, onscreen presentations, and even to print hard copies for handouts. Other programs like Adobe Director allow you to create animations and special effects, and to use videos and sound. Programs like Director are more complicated than programs like PowerPoint, and they take more time to master.

You don't need to learn a software program to deliver a multimedia presentation, however. Here are the steps you need to take, whether you use a program or not.