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1. Graphs and Statistical Presentation

Visually Representing Numerical Data , Splitting up the Whole with Pie Graphs , Showing the Overlap with Venn Diagrams , Comparing Categories with Bar Graphs , Seeking Trends with Line Graphs , Showing Orderly Data with Histograms , Functions as Graphs in the Coordinate System

2. An Overview of Statistics

Unit Preview , What is Statistics? , What is Probability? , Methods of Collecting, Representing, and Displaying Data , Basic Methods of Describing Data

3. Measures of Central Tendencies

Unit Preview , Frequency Distribution Table, Summation Notation, and Mean Formula , Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, and Weighted Arithmetic Mean , Position Formula and Finding Median in Frequency Distribution Table

4. Measures of Dispersion (Positions)

Unit Preview , Data Classification, Range, and Midrange , Quartiles, Deciles, and Percentiles , Boxplot, Interquartile Range, and Midhinge

5. Graphic Shapes of Data

Unit Preview , Paired Data Sets and Scatterplots , Correlations , Regression Models and Least Square Methods

6. Basics of Probability and Counting Methods

Unit Preview , Fundamental Counting Principle, Factorial , Permutation and Combination , Sample Space, Basics of Probability

7. Relationships of Probability

Unit Preview , Probability of Events , Relationships Between Events , Geometric Probability

8. Conditional Probability and Relationships Between Events

Unit Preview , Conditional Probability , Independent and Dependent Events , Expected Value

9. Probability Distribution

Unit Preview , Discrete Probability Distribution , Mean and Variance of Random Variable , Standard Deviation of Random Variable