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*Financial assistance and school pricing available. Contact us for more information.


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*Financial assistance and school pricing available. Contact us for more information.


The pass rate for the eTAP preparation class was 86%. In the previous testing year, the pass rate for student not using eTAP was only 30%.

Vice Principal Randy Raid, Grossmont Union High School District Alternative Education Programs

This site was awesome! I home schooled my daughter for almost a year using this site during 8th grade. She entered 9th grade this year & is at the top of her class in a magnet high school. We appreciate so much the quality of the eTAP studies. It made a huge difference in our learning and teaching experience.

EL, Grade 8 (Georgia)


Why eTAP?

Students aren't the only ones with homework. Teachers spend a lot of time making lesson plans and grading tests. Parents have to monitor assignments and review the results. eTAP makes all that easier.


I was truly amazed at the curriculum and the price. I have recommended it to several other home schooling families. GREAT JOB!!


Tools for lesson planning

Our teachers use eTAP with an interdisciplinary approach incorporated into all of the courses that are tested on the CST. Our API increased by 54 points.

Regina Awtry, Principal, Avalon Continuation High School, LAUSD



We've already done the lessons for you. Because we value student success, our curriculum includes math, science, language arts and social studies, already aligned to national, state, and testing standards. Elementary, middle and high school levels are included, with no restrictions.  Lessons are self-paced, so a high school student can access middle school math for review, or a middle school student can move ahead to high school science whenever they're ready for it. ESL students can start where they feel comfortable, and move ahead as they master English. For test prep, we have tables showing what lessons to study for tests like the SAT, ACT, GED, ASVAB, IELTS and more.

Our lessons include tests, and courses include assessments and exams, all graded by the system and recorded for you. And because we know that not everyone thinks the same way, all lessons include videos and resources to give the student alternative ways to learn the material. Parents have their own accounts, so they can easily check on all their students' scores and progress. The time saved can be spent focusing on a student's weak area, developing a student's unique interests, teaching other subjects like art or music, doing crafts, or just letting the kids be kids.


eTAP has provided me with excellent supplemental materials for the science and math courses that I teach. I also use eTAP as a tutorial for students by distributing the URL at the start of a semester and recommending students to access this site if they have trouble understanding certain concepts. I appreciate your services.

High School Teacher, Oceanside, CA

Mother and daughter working on a tablet

My son has enjoyed using eTAP. I appreciate the no-nonsense instructions. He has been having a problem with decimals, but tonight he got it!

S. W


We're Flexible

eTAP requires no special equipment or downloads. The only requirements are a device with a browser, and an Internet connection. That means you can use it on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Want to do a lesson at the beach, or take your kids on a trip around the world? eTAP will travel with you. Whether you need curriculum for homeschool, after school tutoring, studying for tests, we've got you covered.

Some parents or teachers may enjoy writing lessons, or want to customize portions of our lessons. We're fine with that! A teacher account will let you customize any lesson or test for a personalized experience.


What a help!! I wish I had known about this a LONG time ago. I am going to tell everyone I know about this wonderful site. 

G.K. Grade 10 (Bennett, CO)

Teens studying on laptops at a park

I love your website. So many amazing resourses, all in one place.

Jennifer Anderson, Leigh High School, Santa Clara County Office of Education


What Else?

Most sites charge by the user. eTAP knows that paying for several children adds up fast, so not everyone can afford that. Instead, we charge by the family. When a parent subscribes, that $39 monthly fee includes accounts for all their children. We also offer assistance for qualifying families, or school pricing for those that want to use eTAP in a traditional school setting.


Free Trial

We know your children's education is important to you, but not everyone is ready to pay for something they haven't used yet. That's why we give you a 14-day free trial, which gives you and your students full access to the site - all grades, all subjects, all tests. We won't ask for your payment information until you're ready to continue with a full subscription.

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