eTAP for Schools


eTAP helps teachers to increase the success of all their students. eTAP provides supplemental instruction for K-12 curriculum, including the core subjects aligned to national and state standards in Mathematics, English, Science, and History.

eTAP helps teachers by providing a variety learning resources and assessments to better meet the needs of their struggling students with different learning styles. The student’s progress is electronically recorded, saving teacher time in grading papers and recording test scores.  

Lessons are self-paced, so a high school student can access middle school math for review, or a middle school student can move ahead to high school science whenever they're ready for it. ESL students can start where they feel comfortable, and move ahead as they master English. For Test Prep, we have tables showing what lessons to study for tests like the SAT, ACT, GED, ASVAB, IELTS and more.

An assessment exam is provided for all grades and subjects, plus the standardized tests covered in our Test Prep program. The assessment exam allows each student to identify the lessons they need to learn when the preparing for the end of term tests. The assessment is also helps teachers to provide the personalized learning students need in other programs like Special Education, After School and ELL.

A free trial use of eTAP is provided to demonstrate our effectiveness for increased student success required by ESSA federal funding. eTAP is a non-profit and will meet your budget limits.

We encourage you to have a look around our site and check out our User Guides, which include video guides for both  students and teachers.

Please contact for a phone demo of the website use and more information.