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1. Solving Basic Equations

Unit Preview , Basic Operations , Adding the Same Number , Subtracting the Same Number , Dividing the Same Number to Each Side of an Equation, Solving for an Unknown , Squares and Square Roots , Solving Equations When Several Terms and Procedures are Involved , When to do What , Summary

2. Solving Problems with Algebra

Unit Preview , Changing Words into Math , Setting Up and Solving Equations , Summary

3. Using Functions in Solving Right Triangle Problems

Unit Preview , What is a Function? , Other Commonly Used Functions – Cosine and Tangent , Sine-Cosine Relationships , Interpolation , Interpolating to Find the Function When You Know the Angle , Other Functions in a Right Triangle – Secant, Cosecant, and Cotangent , Summary

4. Further Applications of Formulas and Functions

Unit Preview , The Application of Equation Rules to Formulas , The Application of Formulas to Partial and Irregular Figures , The Law of Cosines and The Law of Tangents , The Law of Sines , Final Topics , Summary

5. Simultaneous Linear Equations

Unit Preview , Why Do We Need Two Equations? , Simultaneous Equations , The Substitution Method , The Addition - Subtraction Method , Simultaneous Equations With Strange Solutions , Summary

6. Quadratic Equations

Unit Preview , Solving Quadratic Equations , Joe's Method , Completing the Square , Perfect Square Trinomial , Quadratic Formula , Type of Roots , Quadratic Word Problems , Summary

7. Graphs

Unit Preview , Visually Representing Numerical Data , Splitting up the Whole with Pie Graphs , Showing the Overlap with Venn Diagrams , Comparing Categories with Bar Graphs , Seeking Trends with Line Graphs , Showing Orderly Data with Histograms , Functions as Graphs in the Coordinate System , Summary

8. Statistics and Probability

Unit Preview , What are Statistics? , Probability , Methods of Collecting, Representing, & Displaying Data , Data Calculations , Summary

9. Personal Financial Literacy (Part 6)

Interest Rate and Loan Length , Investment Growth Over Time , Payment Methods

10. Texas TEKS Summary Assessment 8th Grade Math [STAAR Prep]

Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Grade 8 Math