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Earth Science

1. The Solar System

Unit Preview , The Solar Nebula/Earth's Formation from the Nebula , Cloud of Dust Theory , Formation and Origin of the Moon , Early Earth , The Sun (Earth Science) , Effects of Asteroid Impacts in Shaping the Surface of Planets , Evidence for the Existence of Planets Orbiting Other Stars

2. Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

Unit Preview , Where is the Solar System? , Galaxies , Nuclear Fusion in Stars , Life Cycle of Stars / The Balance Between Gravitational Collapse and Nuclear Fusion , The Big Bang Model

3. Dynamic Earth Processes

Unit Preview , The Internal Structure of the Earth , Features of the Ocean Floor , Plate Boundaries , Rocks and their Properties , How Do Earthquakes Happen and Where? , How to Measure Earthquakes? , Volcanoes

4. Energy in the Earth System

Unit Preview , Internal and External Energy; Energy Budget , Fate of Incoming Radiation , Greenhouse Effect on Earth , Greenhouse Effect on Mars, Venus

5. Heat Driven Convections on Earth

Unit Preview , Circulation Patterns in the Earth's Atmosphere and Oceans , The Relationship Between the Rotation of the Earth and the Circular Motion of Ocean Currents and Air in Pressure Centers , The Origin and Effects of Temperature Inversion , Properties of Ocean Water , Location of Deserts and Rain Forests , Features of ENSO

6. Climate and Weather

Unit Preview , Weather and Climate , Climate and Topography , How Has Earth's Climate Changed Over Time? , Computer Models to Study Greenhouse Effect

7. Biogeochemical Cycles

Unit Preview , Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle/Global Carbon Cycle , Movement of Matter Among Reservoirs , Relative Residence Time of Carbon

8. Structure and Composition of the Atmosphere

Unit Preview , Thermal Structure and Chemical Composition of the Atmosphere , Evolution of the Atmosphere , The Ozone Layer

9. Geology of the United States of America

Unit Preview , Geological Regions and Resources , Principal Natural Hazards , Water Supply