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"The most daunting hurdle for high school students is the CAHSEE( CA Highschool Exit Exam). This is particularly true in a continuation high school. As the math and science teacher at Del Rey Continuation School in West Los Angeles I have found that the eTAP program is invaluable. The students can operate eTAP with a minimum of instruction and supervision. The eTAP program is thorough and quick with feedback. With this program I have increased my CAHSEE success rate from 15% first time pass to 35% first time pass”.
Bill Pray, Del Rey Continuation High School, Los Angeles

"The school population of 500, comprised mostly of second-language learners, began using eTAP to prepare their at-risk and second-language learners for the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). The results were extremely positive. The pass rate for the eTAP preparation class was 86%. In the previous testing year, the pass rate for student not using eTAP was only 30%." Vice Principal Randy Raid, Grossmont Union High School District Alternative Education Programs


RESEARCH related to the eTAP program

  1. Recipe for Genius Revealed  By Sara Goudarzi 19 December 2006 Journal Perspectives on Psychological Science 12/19/06 by David Lubinski, In all these cases, however, the gifted kids identified by the researchers learned at rapid rates and needed their educational curriculum structured so it matched with their learning rates to avoid boredom and enhance their maximum development.
  2. Drs. Pedro A. Noguera and Jean Yonemura Wing, authors of Unfinished Business: Closing the Racial Achievement Gap in Our Schools all children can achieve at high levels if provided with quality instruction 
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    Gurian and co-author Kathy Stevens
    The whole brain system is different. Boys tend to be more kinesthetic, more hands-on, more spatial-mechanical and they don't think in words as much.
    Teachers also should introduce more movies, videos, or other forms of multi-media in the classroom. Change reading requirements: Allow more choices. Take notes and write papers using laptop computers. 
  4. Remembering, Supporting, "the Forgotten Middle"
    The most important thing for any student is to be given rigorous curriculum (they can't learn what they are never given) and it says that the school system thinks they are "smart."  
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    That evening I realized that this was a different way to teach -- and that I loved it!
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    eTAP allows students to proceed at their own pace and provides more choice of instructions media for different learning styles.
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