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The eTAP Teaching Assistance Program is designed for maximum student success through increased learning and retention. And the proof is clearly in the numbers. Year after year, our users provide us with their powerful stories of achievement - both Quantitative and Qualitative. And we encourage you to share your own short- and long-term successes. Our continued success and outreach depend on you, please LIKE us on FACEBOOK to share with Colleagues, Friends and Family.

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The school population of 500, comprised mostly of second-language learners, began using eTAP to prepare their at-risk and second-language learners for the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). The results were extremely positive. The pass rate for the eTAP preparation class was 86%. In the previous testing year, the pass rate for student not using eTAP was only 30%. Vice Principal Randy Raid, Grossmont Union High School District Alternative Education Programs


What Educators are saying about eTAP ...

"This is a great website and gives a lot of information. I was amazed at the printer-friendly versions. I have visited other websites with Lesson Unit plans and helpers for the classroom but I've never seen something as complete." Independent Study & Classroom Instruction El Centro, CA

"eTAP has provided me with excellent supplemental materials for the science and math courses that I teach. I also use eTAP as a tutorial for students by distributing the URL at the start of a semester and recommending students to access this site if they have trouble understanding certain concepts. I appreciate your services."High School Teacher, Oceanside, CA

"Our API increased 147 points because students used eTAP for CST and CAHSEE prep." Cecil McLinn, Principal, Duke Ellington High Continuation School, LAUSD

"We use eTAP as a school to home preparation tool for CST prep. Our students are enthusiastic about on-line learning!" Herbert Jones, Principal, Barack Obama Magnet School, LAUSD

"Our teachers use eTAP with an interdisciplinary approach incorporated into all of the courses that are tested on the CST. Our API increased by 54 points." Regina Awtry, Principal, Avalon Continuation High School, LAUSD

"I went online and looked at the special Ed API and AYP. It shows we went up by app 22 pts. School only gained 2 points. Will keep you updated." Dorethia Myers, M.Ed, Education Specialist, Herbert Hoover Middle School,San Jose, CA

"We use eTAP for EL and Special Ed. Students to help them access curriculum and meet the state standards. Our API went up 45 points." Stephanie McClay, Principal, Cal Burke High School

"My students are enthusiastic about studying with eTAP, because of the set-up of the web-site. This is so much better than standardized text books because it is so interactive." Michael Crumrine, 11th Grade Teacher,Truth Continuation High School

"We use eTAP to prepare students to pass CAHSEE. We have seen a 25% increase in CAHSEE pass rates in math. Our API has increased 10 points." Chuck Masterson, Principal, Owensmouth Continuation High School, LAUSD

"I love your website. So many amazing resourses, all in one place."   Jennifer Anderson, Leigh High School, Santa Clara County Office of Education


What Outside Sources are saying about eTAP . . .



What Parents are saying about eTAP . . .

"This site was awesome! I home schooled my daughter for almost a year using this site during 8th grade. She entered 9th grade this year & is at the top of her class in a magnet high school. We appreciate so much the quality of the eTAP studies. It made a huge difference in our learning and teaching experience." EL, Grade 8 (Georgia)

"Hi, We recently pulled our children from the public school system as we felt they were being held back. I have been looking for a good curriculum that meets the needs of all 3 of our children. ETAP is wonderful." Anonymous

"I was truly amazed at the curriculum and the price. I have recommended it to several other home schooling families. GREAT JOB!!" DD

"I have been homeschooling my son since sixth grade. I somehow stumbled on the fact that he was a visual learner. Once I knew this, I tailored his curriculum to his learning style. The program I am using for him stopped at 8th grade level. I needed to find a high school program that would give him the type of instruction he needs to avoid unnecessary frustration because of his learning style. I showed him numerous demos from schools offering high school curriculum, but he would immediately tense up as he watched the demos, then tell me he didn't like that school. Almost all online high schools, that I found, are geared toward those who are audio learners. Finally, I found eTAP. As soon as I watched the demo, I felt that this was something my son would like. I showed him the demo and he watched the whole thing, which was a positive sign, and when the demo was over he said "Yeah, I'll agree to that." I knew I had found the right curriculum, and the price was wonderful." Anonymous

"I'm writing to share my opinion of the program. I have two special needs sons who were simply getting lost in the public school here. Both boys are very bright and really shine when they work on their own, but do not do as well in a classroom setting. We purchased the eTAP program in October, and my sons and I really like it. I am so pleased! School work and homework were huge struggles when the boys were in school. I was concerned about home schooling since my 10th grade son needs to be accumulating high school credits. To ensure that he has the credits he needs, we are in an "umbrella school". I send in the work he has done and the school figures out his credits for us. Simple! With E-Tap, they know exactly what is expected of them, and they do their school work with very little prompting. They can ask for my help if they need it, but most of the work is very self-directed. I believe that being able to do the work on their own and doing well at it has brought about some remarkable changes in my sons. The boys are more confident in discussing History, Politics, and Math. They can discuss things on a more adult level, and our friends are very impressed with how bright they are. The videos are a means to enrich their learning and they really like those." C. R., (Magdalena, NY)

"This is a marvelous idea. What a help!! I wish I had known about this a LONG time ago. I am going to tell everyone I know about this wonderful site." - G.K. Grade 10 (Bennett, CO)

"Thank you very much for this site. I've read midway through lesson 2 and have found it to be very interesting and well presented. It has given me some new ideas for the presentation of math to my child including the integration of other materials I have recently purchased. God bless you in your endeavors." - S.R. Grades 5-6 (Alpine, UT)

"Fantastic! This is a God-send! I am beginning Home schooling and have a child with learning disabilities. There is no way I can adequately express my gratitude! I will let you know how my son does with the program. In the meantime, I am thrilled to have everything he needs to know this year right at our fingertips. The material is thorough, easy to follow, interesting and straight-forward. I think we'll actually have fun with math!" - P.W. Grade 6 (Charlotte, NC)

"This is an awesome concept. We just heard about it at our homeschool convention and we will use this often. Who needs to spend a million on curriculum with this!" - J.W. Grades 7 & 10 (Syracuse, NY)

"I really like your format and use it for my 15-year-old son. He must receive information in small bites..." - P. J. Grade 9-10

"I have a child with learning disabilities. There is no way I can adequately express my gratitude! The material is thorough, easy to follow, interesting and straightforward. I think we'll actually have fun with math!" -M. P.

"My son has enjoyed using eTAP. I appreciate the no-nonsense instructions. He has been having a problem with decimals, but tonight he got it!" -S. W.

"I have looked at this web site. I am amazed at all the information. Not only is it affordable, but for my needs -- 3 kids (K, 2 & 7) everything is literally at my fingertips. Thank you." - J. S. Grades K, 2 & 7

"I wanted to send a testimonial about this amazing program. We have twin 13 year old boys, a 10 year old daughter, and finally a 7 year old boy. We came across Etap in one of our children's public school resources. We now homeschool all of our children for many different reasons. We wanted, as well as needed, to find a curriculum that would not only engage them but cater to each of their learning styles. With we were able to accomplish this and more. The curriculum was above that of other programs out there. The videos allow for all children to be in this modern day and age all while using technology to teach. We have found the video lessons, along with the typed lessons plans and interactive games for the younger ones, to be not only enthralling to our children, but also very comprehensive.

Our twin boys were advanced in the public school but fell "two points" shy, on a test to enroll in the advanced program, leaving them to boredom and a lack of enthusiasm for the work they had done. One of our twins also has Cerebral Palsy and the amount of bullying was intense, to say the least. We have discovered that he an extreme visual learner and with we can now cater to his needs and his progression has been astronomical.

Our daughter, who is 10, has had many problems with reading comprehension and mathematics in the public school system. We had several meetings with her school concerning her issues, and their response was to do more worksheets. With she was able to slow down and work at her own pace and we are so very pleased to say that she is right on par now and enjoys reading, rather than feeling overwhelmed. also has many interactive games for younger children, and we have found just how much those educational games help kids learn and retain information. Let's face it kids like games, and has brilliantly incorporated exactly what each child needs and wants, giving way to the future of education.

Lastly, our youngest son who is 7, wakes up everyday early and asks if he can "go to school." In the public schools he was unable to focus with so many children and all the confusion of a set schedule. His favorite subject is math, of all things. has allowed him the freedom to switch up his schedule; one day he may start of with science and the next maybe math. He feels more confident and in control of his learning. It is his accomplishment of goals he sets for himself. The games allow him to feel rewarded for his accomplished goals and teach at the same time.

We use for our main homeschool curriculum. We do have art class and foreign language etc outside of etap but is "Our School" We could never thank you enough for everything this proram has to offer. The high standard curriculum, along with the many options of individual learning, allow for each child to learn, in their own way, at their own pace. Finally the price of $39 per month for ALL of our children is absolutely gracious and is worth so much more. Thank you for offering one of the best homeschool programs that we have ever seen, also for the amazing effort that is put into this program, for all of our children." A.S.

" I love to use eTAP! One subscription covers all my kids. Even though we're Aussies and eTAP is American I find I can cover almost the entire curriculum for all core subjects by using eTAP and the links provided. My children love eTAP too. In fact I gave my 13 yr old academically gifted daughter a choice of resources this year, and she chose eTAP without hesitation. I have another child who I want to introduce eTAP to this year. She is highly intelligent but has a very unusual learning style. She has been through some trauma and her emotional needs lead her to behave in a very clingy way. I have a feeling that eTAP's concise style and accessible format will have her working enthusiastically with a higher level of independence before long. As a single mum I appreciate how accessible eTAP is in a financial sense." - Australian Family