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Language Arts

1. Word Analysis, Fluency and Vocabulary Development Part 3

Unit Preview , Etymology and Origins of Words , Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon Roots and Affixes , Greek, Roman, and Norse Mythology , Summary

2. Structure of Informational Materials Part 1

Unit Preview , Structure and Format of Functional Documents

3. Writing Strategies: Organization and Focus Part 1

Unit Preview , Essay Structure

4. Written and Oral English Language Conventions: Grammar and Mechanics of Writing Part 1

Unit Preview , Identify Correctly Used Clauses , Understand Sentence Construction

5. Research and Technology Part 1

Unit Preview , Suitable Research Methods , Develop Main Ideas within the Body of the Composition

6. Writing Applications Part 3

Unit Preview , Write Responses to Literature , Write Biographical or Autobiographical Narratives , Write Persuasive Compositions , Summary

7. Evaluation and Revision Part 1

Unit Preview , Revise Writing to Improve the Logic and Coherence

8. Literary Text Analysis

Unit Preview , Characters Traits , Literary Devices , Ambiguities, Subtleties, Ironies , Describe the Functions of Soliloquies, Asides , Summary

9. Literary Criticism Part 1

Unit Preview , Evaluation of Aesthetic Qualities

10. Listening and Speaking: Comprehension Part 1

Unit Preview , Form Judgments About the Ideas Under Discussion

11. Speaking Applications Part 2

Unit Preview , Deliver Reflective Presentations , Deliver Oral Reports on Historical Investigations , Recite Poems, Selections from Speeches, or Dramatic Soliloquies , Deliver Expository Presentations

12. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Organization of Oral Communication Part 1

Unit Preview , Logical Patterns of Organization , Appropriate Techniques for Developing the Introduction and Conclusion

13. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Analysis and Evaluation of Oral and Media Communications Part 1

Unit Preview , Analyze Historically Significant Speeches , How Language and Delivery Affect the Mood and Tone of Oral Communication , The Clarity, Quality, Effectiveness, and General Coherence of the Speaker’s Points

14. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Delivery of Oral Communication Part 1

Unit Preview , How to Present a Clear Thesis Statement , Audience Analysis

15. Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Level 1 Language Arts [STAAR Prep]

TEKS Summary Assessment HS Reading I , Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS Writing I