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1. Atomic and Molecular Structure

Unit Preview , Connection Among the Location in the Table, the Atomic Number, and Mass , How to Identify Metals, Semimetals, Nonmetals, and Halogens , How to Identify Alkaline Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, and Transition Metals , Lanthanide, Actinide, Transactinide, and Transuranium Elements , Ionization Energy, Electronegativity, Relative Sizes , How Many Electrons Can Bond? , Size and Mass , Location and Quantum Electron Configuration

2. Atomic Models

Unit Preview , Thompson's Model , Rutherford's Model , Millikan's Experiment , Einstein's Explanation of the Photoelectric Effect , Quantum Theory - Bohr's Model , Spectral Lines and Electron Transition

3. Conservation of Matter and Stoichiometry

Unit Preview , Descriptions of Chemical Reactions and Writing Chemical Equations , Mole Theory and Molar Mass , Reactant and Product Mass Calculations , Percent Yield Calculations in Chemical Reactions , Oxidation and Reduction

4. Chemical Bonds

Unit Preview , Covalent, Metallic or Ionic Bonds , Chemical Bonds in Molecular Atoms , Salt Crystals , How Atoms and Molecules Move in Liquid , Lewis Dot Structure and Molecular Shape , Electronegativity, Ionization, and Bond Formation , Van Der Waals Forces

5. Gases and Their Properties

Unit Preview , Gas Pressure , Gas Diffusion , Gas Law , Standard Temperature and Pressure , Celsius and Kelvin Scales , Kinetic Theory of Gases , Ideal Gas Law , Dalton's Law

6. Acids and Bases

Unit Preview , Properties of Acids, Bases and Salt Solutions , Dissociation , pH , Base Definitions , pH and Hydrogen-Ion Calculations , Buffers

7. Solutions

Unit Preview , Solute and Solvent , Dissolving Process at the Molecular Level , Concentration Calculations , Concentration and Some Physical Properties , Chromatography and Distillation

8. Energy Exchange during Reactions

Unit Preview , Heat Flow and Molecule (Atomic) Motion , Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions , Freezing, Evaporating and Melting , Problems Involving Heat Flow , Hess' Law , Gibbs Free Energy Equation

9. Reaction Rates

Unit Preview , Rate of Reaction , Concentration, Temperature and Pressure , Catalysts , Activation Energy

10. Chemical Equilibrium

Unit Preview , Le Chatelier's Principle , Equilibrium , Equilibrium Constant Calculation

11. Organic and Biochemistry

Unit Preview , Polymers , Carbon Bonding Characteristics , Amino Acids and Proteins , Naming of Linear Hydrocarbons and Isomers , Functional Groups , R-Group Structure

12. Nuclear Processes

Unit Preview , Nuclear Forces , Energy Release in Nuclear Fusion , Naturally Occurring Isotopes , Three Common Forms of Radioactive Decay , Radiation , Radioactive Substance Calculations , Quarks

13. Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Chemistry

Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Chemistry