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Social Studies

1. A More Perfect Union

Unit Preview , A New Kind of Government , The Balance of Power

2. The Rights of the People

Unit Preview , The Bill of Rights , Being an American

3. Checks and Balances

Unit Preview , The Three Branches of Government , Balance of Power

4. Interpreting the Constitution

Unit Preview , Amending the Constitution , Interpreting the Law , A Case for Civil Rights

5. Running for Office

Unit Preview , The Political Process , Politics and the Media

6. Division of Powers

Unit Preview , The Federal System , States’ Rights , Changing Levels of Power

7. Exploring Other Political Systems

Unit Preview , Early European Political Systems , Recent Political Systems , The Abuse of Power

8. Economics: The Basics

Unit Preview , Scarcity and Choice , Looking at the Resources , Economic Systems

9. Supply, Demand, and Price

Unit Preview , The Law of Supply and Demand , How Supply and Demand Affect Price , Competition and Control

10. Free Enterprise

Unit Preview , The Basics of Capitalism , Business Finance , The Factors of Production and Distribution

11. Government and the Economy

Unit Preview , The Role of Government , Taxation , Managing the Nation’s Economy

12. The Role of Labor

Unit Preview , The Labor Force , Trends in Labor

13. Looking at the Big Picture

Unit Preview , What Do Economists Do? , A Look Inside Macroeconomics , Interest Rates

14. International Trade

Unit Preview , Economic Specialization , The Evolution of U.S. Trade Policy , Issues in Today’s Global Market

15. Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS US History

Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS US History