Test Preparation


The results are in . . . students and schools increase their test scores with the use of eTAP. Visit our Success Stories for their proven results.

Our tutorial-style instruction uses standardized questions to better prepare students for exam day. Many schools use the eTAP Test Prep as standardized test readiness with clear results. Our homeschoolers use these courses as a completion to their full K-12 curriculum. And our family members use the test preparation for college readiness.

eTAP provides complete instructional courses for standard educational tests, including High School Exit, High School Equivalence, College Entrance, and Military Aptitude. And, as a result:

  • Numerous high school students benefit from the High School Exit Exam preparation
  • Many students improve their college acceptance by raising their SAT & ACT score
  • Some will prepare to pass the ASVAB for acceptance into military service
  • After finishing our complete eTAP K-12 curriculum, homeschooled students quickly pass their GED

Whether the choice is for further education or to begin a career right out of high school, eTAP provides the preparation for success.

Our eTAP Test Preparation is easy to use with concise information, and packed with practice questions from the appropriate exam. Signup for your Free 10-Day Trial and have full access to everything!


Test Preparation and Review Courses are provided for:

College Entrance Exams
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English Language Proficieny

High School Equivalence Exams Back to Top . . .

Career Exams Back to Top . . .

High School Exit Exams Back to Top ...

AP (Advanced Placement) (more information)

  • eTAP high school courses have been used to successfully prepare for the Advanced Placment tests