CAHSEE  Preparation with eTAP Lessons
(California High School Exit Exam)

eTAP provides practice exercises, practice tests and instructional resources for CAHSEE. Please visit the California Department of Education for CAHSEE requirements. The CAHSEE test is administered by the local school districts. Please check with your high school for testing dates.
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Language Arts

California Dept. of Education CAHSEE Resources

This table provides a list of each exam topic with sample questions and answers.


eTAP Lesson

Number Sense

Scientific notation
GR7 NS 1.1

Scientific Notation

Rational numbers
GR7 NS 1.2

Rational Numbers

Convert fractions to decimals
GR7 NS 1.3



Percentage calculations
GR7 NS 1.6

Percentage Calculations

Solve problems involving discounts, markups, commissions
GR7 NS 1.7

Discount Calculations


Multiply and divide expressions involving exponents with a common base.
GR7 NS 2.1

The Rules of Exponents


Add and subtract fractions
GR7 NS 2.2

Adding Fractions
Subtracting Fractions
Common Denominators

Multiply, divide and simplify rational numbers by using exponent rules
GR7 NS 2.3

Rational Numbers

The Rules of Exponents

Raising to a power and square roots
GR7 NS 2.4

Raising Numbers to
Various Powers, Roots

Absolute value
GR7 NS 2.5

Absolute Value

Measuring and Geometry

Compare weights, capacities, geometric measures, times, and temperatures within and between measurement systems
GR7 MG 1.1


Read drawings
GR7 MG 1.2

Geometric Lines, Figures
and Relationships

Use measures expressed as rates (speed, density)
GR7 MG 1.3


Use formulas to find perimeter, area
GR7 MG 2.1

Curved figures
Perimeter , area

Estimate and compute area of complex 2  and 3 dimensional figures
GR7 MG 2.2

Area Formulas

Compute perimeter, surface area, and volume
GR7 MG 2.3

Geometric Formulas Volume

Relate the changes in measurement with a change of scale to the units used and to conversions between units
GR7 MG 2.4

  Measurement Conversions

Coordinate graphs
GR7 MG 3.2

Functions and Graphs in
the Coordinate System

Pythagorean Theorem
GR7 MG 3.3

Pythagorean Theorem

Congruent Figures
GR7 MG 3.4

Congruent Figures

Algebra and Functions

Write an equation, a systems of equations or inequality
GR7 AF 1.1

Changing Words into Math


Order of operations
GR7 AF 1.2

Order of Operations

Represent quantitative relationships
GR7 AF 1.5



Positive whole number powers
GR7 AF 2.1

Raising Numbers to Various Powers, Roots

Multiply and divide monomials
GR7 AF 2.2


Graph functions in the form of y=nx2 and y=nx3
GR7 AF 3.1

Graph Functions

Graph linear functions using slope
GR7 AF 3.3

Slope Intercept Form of Equations

Plotting values of quantities
GR7 AF 3.4

Methods of Collecting, Representing, and Displaying Data

Solve two steps linear equations
GR7 AF 4.1

Solving Equations

Multistep problems
GR7 AF 4.2

Solving Equations

Algebra I.

Taking the opposite, finding the reciprocal, taking a root
Alg1 2.0


Solve equations and inequalities with absolute values
Alg1 3.0

Solving Equations with
Absolute Value

Simplify expressions  before solving linear equations
Alg1 4.0

Combining Terms

Solve multistep problems, including word problems
Alg1 5.0

Solving Equations

Graph linear equations and compute x and y intercepts
Alg1 6.0

Graphing Equations

Verify that a point lies on a line
Alg1 7.0

Linear Equations

Parallel lines
Alg1 8.0

Parallel Lines

Solve system of equations
Alg1 9.0

System of Equations

Add, subtract, multiply and divide monomials and polynomials.
Alg1 10.0

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
Multiplying and Dividing Polynomials

Use algebra to solve problems
Alg1 15.0

Solving Problems with Algebra

Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability

Mean, median, and mode
GR6 SDAP 1.1

Data Calculations

Claims based on statistical data
GR6 SDAP 2.5

statistical data
What is statistics

Possible outcomes for compound events
GR6 SDAP 3.1

Probability of Events

Conditional Probability

Represent probabilities as ratios, proportions, decimals between 0 and 1.
GR6 SDAP 3.3


Independent and dependent events
GR6 SDAP 3.5

Independent/Dependent Events

Know various forms of display for data sets
GR7 SDAP 1.1

Pie Graphs
Venn Diagrams
Bar Graphs
Line Graphs

Represent two numerical variables on a scatter plot
GR7 SDAP 1.2


Language Arts

Word Analysis

GR9-10 R 1.1

Meaning of Words

Roots and Affixes

GR9-10 R 1.1

Natural, Fresh and Vivid

Meaning of Words

Discovering meaning
GR9-10 R 1.1

Denotative and Connotative Meaning
Word Meanings

Reading Comprehension

Main Idea
GR8 R 2.1. GR10 R 2.8

Responses to Literature
Develop Main Idea

Author's Purpose and Tone
GR10 R 2.4

Rhetorical or Aesthetic
Evoking Readers' Emotion

Building Everyday Skills
GR8 R 2.1, GR10 2.5

Technical Documents
Write Business Letters

Literary Response and Analysis

Fiction, Relationships, and Characters
GR10 LR 3.1, GR10 LR 3.3, GR10 LR 3.4, GR10 LR 3.10, GR8 LR 8.3.7

Characters Traits
Literary Devices
Ambiguities, Subtleties, Ironies
Soliloquies, Asides

Poetry and Theme
GR10 LR 3.5, GR10 LR 3.6, GR10 LR 3.7, GR10 LR 3.8, GR10 LR 3.9.


Writing Strategies

Finding and Correcting Errors
GR10 WS 1.1.

Structuring Ideas and

Choosing Better Words and Phrases
GR 9-10 WS 1.2.

Active Verb Usage
Modifiers Using the Active

Main Idea
GR 9-10 WS 1.4.

Develop Main Idea
Functional Documents

Synthesize Information
GR9-10 WS 1.5.

Suitable Research Methods
Compare and Contrast Media
Coverage of the Same Event

Revise Writing
GR9-10 WS 1.9.

Revise Writing
Revise Text

Writing Conventions

Tense, Placement and Punctuation
GR7 NS 1.1

Verbs and Verbals
Parts of Speech

Proper Case and Rules to Remember
GR9-10 WC 1.2.

Mechanics of Writing
Modifiers Using the Active

Proper English Usage and Grammar
GR9-10 WC 1.3.

Proper English
Usage and Grammar

Writing Applications

Biographical Essays
GR10 AP 2.1.

Write Fictional Narratives

Response to Literature
GR10 AP 2.2

Write Responses to Literature
Oral Responses to Literature

GR10 AP 2.3

Write Expository Compositions
Research Reports
Structuring Ideas and Arguments

Persuasive Essays
GR10 AP 2.4

Write Persuasive Compositions
Persuasive Arguments

Business Letters
GR10 AP 2.5


Technical Documents
Write Business Letters


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