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Create Word Processed Documents

Now that you have completed your research and written your outline, you are ready to write the first draft of your paper. The easiest way to write a research paper is to use a word processing program.

Word processing programs enable you to revise your paper without too much work. The first draft of a paper should never be the final draft. As you read over your first draft, your thoughts will become more organized in your mind. You may see areas of your paper that aren't very clear or fully developed, and you may need to add more information to clarify them for the reader. Or you may find that moving some information to another part of your paper will improve the flow and make your paper more logical.

Using a word processing program will help you to do all of these things easily. It will also help you to catch misspelled words and improper grammar. In addition, a word processing program makes it simple to insert graphics like charts or graphs into your paper.

Here are some simple tips you can use to create a word processing document: