After School Programs With eTAP


eTAP has been able to increase the success of students in their After-school programs.   The design feature of eTAP that help personalize learning for students include:

  • Access is provided to all grade levels and subjects. Students can select the subject and grade level they need to learn.
  • The eTAP lesson titles are similar to the standards and textbook lesson titles. This helps students match the topics they have been learning in classroom or in their textbooks with eTAP lessons.
  • An assessmentexam allows students to focus on the lessons they need to learn.
  • The text is simplified with the use of short words and sentences. 
  • Videos are provided with captions to supplement all text content.
  • Students can progress at their own learning pace. 

Please contact for phone demo of the website use and more information. 

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