Government Standards

New South Wales Education Standards

Math - Grade 11

Assessment Exam - NESA Mathematics - Year 11
Working Mathematically eTAP Lesson
Develop the ability to apply reasoning, and the use of appropriate language, in the evaluation and construction of arguments and the interpretation and use of models based on mathematical concepts
Uses algebraic and graphical techniques to compare alternative solutions to contextual problems
Represents information in symbolic, graphical and tabular form
Develop the ability to use concepts and apply techniques to the solution of problems in algebra and modelling, measurement, financial mathematics, data and statistics, probability and networks
Solves problems involving quantity measurement, including accuracy and the choice of relevant units
Models relevant financial situations using appropriate tools
Makes predictions about everyday situations based on simple mathematical models
Develops and carries out simple statistical processes to answer questions posed
Solves probability problems involving multistage events
Develop the ability to use mathematical skills and techniques, aided by appropriate technology, to organise information and interpret practical situations
Uses appropriate technology to investigate, organise and interpret information in a range of contexts
Develop the ability to interpret and communicate mathematics in a variety of written and verbal forms, including diagrams and graphs
Justifies a response to a given problem using appropriate mathematical terminology and/or calculations