Government Standards

New South Wales Education Standards

Language Arts - Grade 4

Assessment Exam - NESA Language Arts - Stage 2
English eTAP Lesson
Communicate through speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and representing
Communicates in a range of informal and formal contexts by adopting a range of roles in group, classroom, school and community contexts
Plans, composes and reviews a range of texts that are more demanding in terms of topic, audience and language
Uses effective handwriting and publishes texts using digital technologies
Uses an increasing range of skills, strategies and knowledge to fluently read, view and comprehend a range of texts on increasingly challenging topics in different media and technologies
Uses a range of strategies, including knowledge of letter–sound correspondences and common letter patterns, to spell familiar and some unfamiliar words
Use language to shape and make meaning according to purpose, audience and context
Identifies the effect of purpose and audience on spoken texts, distinguishes between different forms of English and identifies organisational patterns and features
Identifies and uses language forms and features in their own writing appropriate to a range of purposes, audiences and contexts
Identifies and compares different kinds of texts when reading and viewing and shows an understanding of purpose, audience and subject matter
Uses effective and accurate sentence structure, grammatical features, punctuation conventions and vocabulary relevant to the type of text when responding to and composing texts
Think in ways that are imaginative, creative, interpretive and critical
Thinks imaginatively, creatively and interpretively about information, ideas and texts when responding to and composing texts
Express themselves and their relationships with others and their world
Responds to and composes a range of texts that express viewpoints of the world similar to and different from their own
Learn and reflect on their learning through their study of English
Recognises and uses an increasing range of strategies to reflect on their own and others’ learning

Science - Grade 4

Physical World eTAP Lesson
The built environment including engineering principles and systems, food and fibre production, and material technologies
Describes the characteristics and effects of common forms of energy, such as light and heat