Government Standards

New South Wales Education Standards

Social Studies - Grade 2

Assessment Exam - NESA Social Studies - Stage 1
Geography eTAP Lesson
Develop knowledge and understanding of the features and characteristics of places and environments across a range of scales
Develop understanding and fluency in mathematics through inquiry, exploring and connecting mathematical concepts, choosing and applying problem-solving skills and mathematical techniques, communication and reasoning
Develop knowledge and understanding of interactions between people, places and environments
Identifies ways in which people interact with and care for places
Develop skills to acquire, process and communicate geographical information
Communicates geographical information and uses geographical tools for inquiry
History eTAP Lesson
Develop knowledge and understanding about the nature of history and the key changes and developments from the past
Communicates an understanding of change and continuity in family life using appropriate historical terms
Develop knowledge and understanding about key historical concepts and develop the skills to undertake the process of historical inquiry
Identifies and describes significant people, events, places and sites in the local community over time
Describes the effects of changing technology on people’s lives over time
Demonstrates skills of historical inquiry and communication