International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Study and Practice

Learning Strand

eTAP Lessons

Reading and Comprehension
Diagram Label Completion Multiple-Step Instructions
Identifying Information Conclusions
Identifying Writer's Views Inference
Purpose and Point of View
Matching Features Compare and Contrast Informational Materials
Matching Headings Outlines
Multiple Choice Questions Context Clues
Table Completion Features and Rhetorical Devices of Public Documents
Spelling and Punctuation
Test Your Spelling Know your Punctuation Spelling
Colons and Semicolons
Underlining, Quotation Marks and Italics
Grammar and Vocabulary
Common Mistakes Edit Written Manuscript
Prepositions Prepositions
Cause and Effect Language Cause and Effect Organization of Text
Connectors Compound Sentences
Articles Modifiers
Conditionals Verbs
Infinitives and Participles
Futures Verbs
Relative Clauses Pronouns
Topic Vocabulary
Advertising Techniques in Media Messages and their Effectiveness
Employment Career Development and Technical Documents
Write Business Letters
Technology Write Technical Documents
Hometown How to Read a Map
Exploring Our World
America and its Features
Geography and Resources
Listening Skills
Listening to Formal Presentations Tone, Mood, and Emotion
Clarify Spoken Ideas
Verbal Cues, Facial Expressions & Gestures
Critique a Speaker’s Diction and Syntax
Essay Writing
Coherence and Cohesion Statements & Claims
Paragraph Transitions
Numbers How to Use Numbers 1 to 1000 (Grades K-2)
Word Forms Word Analysis, Fluency and Vocabulary Development 
Comparisons Compare and Contrast Informational Materials
Key Details Note-taking, Outlining & Summarizing
Complete Reports
Tables Databases & Spreadsheets
When to Use Different Kinds of Effects