How to Connect eTAP Accounts


Existing students:

To connect to a student, go your Students screen, found in the top menu bar:

On the right side of this screen, enter the student's email address and select "Find Student".  Note : they must have entered their address for their account, or the system won't be able to find them.  You may also search by the student's user name.

On the next page, select "Add As Student".  This sends a request to the student, and adds them to your list as "Pending".  After they have approved you, you will be able to see their scores and login histories.

New student accounts:

If the student does not already have an account, you may create one by selecting "Add Student" at the top of your Students screen.

This will take you to the "Create New Student Account" form.  Enter the student's first name, last name and user name. You may enter an email address; if you do not, the program will fill in  this value as their username followed by "". This is NOT an email 
address, and can NOT be used for email purposes. Once you select the "Add Student" button, the new student account will be created and automatically connected to your account.


Unlocking Tests

We have added a feature to eTAP that locks a post test if the student gets less than 80% on two attempts. This is to encourage the student to review the material and ask for help, instead of making repeated guesses or miscalculations. When the test is locked, further attempts to take the test will show a message that it is locked.

Once the parent or teacher monitoring the account thinks the student is ready, they may unlock the test with the following steps:

  1. Sign in to their account
  2. Go to the Students page
  3. Select the student to get the Student Detail screen
  4. Choose "Test Scores"
  5. Select "Reset" (this will be on the right side of the row for that test)
  6. The test will now have 1 more attempt added


Go to the Sharing screen, using the button at the top of the page:

If your parent or teacher already requested to add you as a student, you will see their name under Pending Requests:

Click on Approve, and you're done!

If they didn't start the request, you can ask them to be your teacher.  Just put in the email address for their account and select "Find Teacher".

On the next page, select "Add as Teacher".  When they have approved you, they will show up on your Sharing page as "My Teachers".

Creating a Parent Account

If your parent does not already have an account, they may create one from your Sharing page. In form called "Create New Parent Account", enter their first name, last name user name, email address, and password. Once you have selected "Add Parent", the account will be created and automatically connected to your account.

Subscription Sharing

When a subscription to eTAP is purchased or renewed through the Settings/Profile management area, the subscription is extended to connected accounts as follows:

  • If the subscription is purchased by a teacher account, the subscription includes that teacher, all that teacher's students, and all parents connected to those students.
  • If the subscriptiion is purchased by a parent account, the subscription includes that parent, all students of that parent, and any other parent connected to those student.
  • If the subscription is purchased by a student account, the subscription includes that student, all parents of that student, all students connected the student's parents. If there is one teacher account connected to the student, that teacher will be included. If there is more than one teacher account, the teachers will not be included in the subscription.