What Teachers Should Know About eTAP


eTAP offers full a K-12 curriculum, that can be used to supplement or replace traditional classroom lectures and textbooks. Teachers can use www.etap.org in the classroom presentation, blended and flipped classroom. Also, eTAP may be used for virtual school curriculum, homeschooling, independent study, special education, test preparation and after school  programs.

Ways Teachers Can Use eTAP Curriculum

  • Classroom lecture - eTAP content can be displayed with the aid of a projector and white board or interactive board.
  • School Computers - Students can log in to eTAP using individual accounts, either during class or in after school labs, with the teacher overseeing their study time.
  • At home - Students log in from home, using individual accounts, with a teacher following up on what they've learned in class.
  • In lieu of a classroom - Teachers in virtual schools can use eTAP features to monitor their students.
  • Homeschool/Independent Study - eTAP content can be used as a complete curriculum or to supplement other learning programs.
  • Special Education - eTAP's easy access to all grades and subjects allows teachers to satisfy the different learning levels of each student.

How eTAP Can Help Teachers

  • Flexible curriculum - Students can be assigned advanced lessons in subjects they are talented in, or use lessons from previous levels if they need to catch up or review.
  • Built in record keeping - eTAP automatically saves all test results, and keeps a record of each student's log in history.
  • Customizable lessons - Teachers may create their own version of any eTAP lesson, which is accessible only to their approved students.
  • Tests - Lessons come with Pre, Practice, and Post tests, which are automatically scored and recorded by eTAP.
  • Pre-tests - eTAP lessons have pre-tests that can be used as a placement test to determine the learning units needed by each student.
  • Assignments - Many eTAP lessons come with worksheets or other exercises.
  • Resources - eTAP lessons include links to relevant videos and websites, to help students with different learning styles.  If students have questions about the material after they've reviewed the eTAP content, they can often find the answers by using these resources.

User Guide For eTAP Teachers